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About Me!

Luna | Demigirl | She/They | Bisexual

Hi! I'm Luna! (My real name is Cassie, but only call me that if we're close friends please!) I'm an artist based in western Kentucky, and I mainly draw Pokemon and furries! In my spare time, I enjoy building websites, such as this one, playing video games, listening to music, and of course, drawing! I plan to make a career off of my art, and I'd like to build fursuits as well!

I'd like to describe myself as a pretty cheerful person! I'm a little shy and I'm not very talkative all the time, and I don't like being PMed often, I prefer to stick to group chats. I have autism, anxiety and clinical depression, so I'm not very happy all the time, but I have my own ways of coping with it so I don't bog others down with my problems!

I'm taken by my wonderful boyfriend Riolu, or some of you might know him by his screen name, BlueCatRiolu! We've been friends for a very very long time, but we only just now became lovers too! Riolu's also dating a good friend of mine, Oreo (AKA OreoFurryFam) but it's okay, cause it's a polyamorus relationship~! ♥

Instead of representing myself with a persona, I instead use a fursona! My fursona is a female Sylveon with lop ears and a pink beanie, and in her anthro form, she wears a pink hoodie with white sleeves and hood! Me and her have the exact same personality, so she's basically just me as a furry, which is how I always intended her to be!

Some things that pique my interest include:

❤ Videogames ❤

❤ Animals ❤

❤ Cartoons ❤

❤ Music ❤

❤ Pokemon ❤

❤ Digimon ❤

❤ Japanese culture ❤

❤ Anything pink and cute!